Describe and explain how waves influence beach profiles essay

If the bedding planes are horizontal A then the cliff profile will be stable with a steep cliff face. Impoverished with children to care for, she uses her last money to give her husband a dignified funeral. Deep erosion gullies dissecting narrow ridges in deeply weathered granite.

Clay and silt in the suspended load are washed out to sea and are deposited offshore in the deeper parts of the ocean. In addition, steep stream courses carry considerable amounts of surface runoff during heavy rainstorms.

This is caused by the alignment of the moon and sun, which aligns their gravitional pull. Major contributions from Earth surface research to assess the quantity and impacts of soil erosion involve computational models and a variety of measurement techniques applied to a range of erosive environments and timescales, and the ability to design and interpret these measurements through rigorous mathematical models of basin sediment budgets.

The actual measurement of soil erosion also requires greater rigor, particularly as it relates to the generalized statistical models generated from these data and subsequently used in land resource management. Weathering is the breaking down of rock in situ. There are two important tides to take note of; the Spring tide and Neap tide.

Some mass movement processes occur slowly, such as soil creep and solifluction, but some are very rapid such as rock falls. This usually occurs where the beach gradient is steep and the wavelength is short. The resistance of rock essentially determines differential rates of erosion.

Analysis of seismic events and mapping of gully distributions from satellite images, for example, show a very strong spatial correlation between earthquake distribution and the locations of dense lavaka clusters, underscoring the importance of tectonics in generating this complicated landscape.

The Neap tide produces a low tidal range, in that the higher tide is lower than normal and low tide higher. The beach face is orientated parallel to the fronts of the dominant waves.

The needs for better methods of assessing and predicting soil erosion and sediment supply at a wide range of landscape scales, and for clarifying concepts that underpin public policy on these matters, suggest an important role for research in Earth surface processes.

This can change the alignment of strata in cliff profiles. Beaches which face the waves are termed swash aligned.

Channelised debris flows confined to steep and narrow seasonal stream channels. Two headlands, Ballard Point chalk and Durlston Head limestone of harder rock types are more resistent to erosion. A gently sloping beach profile can result in waves breaking sooner and protection of the coastline.

This interference of the bottom with the moving water particles forces the wave to slow down. This results in the waves breaking later than they normally would in calm conditions.

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Features produced by wave erosion - Wavecut cliff - A steep cliff along the shoreline. You can also confound or prove untrue impressions your characters or readers form based on appearances.

The major processes operating at the coastline are; Erosion- This is the wearing away of the land by moving agents such as the sea in this caserivers, wind, glaciers etc. Stiff with embroidery, strewn with pearls, encrusted with gemstones, they seem to stand by themselves.

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Drift aligned beaches are produced where waves break at an angle to the coast. An owl in new ribbons, ha-ha-ha. Over the millennia, the topography of an area is sculptured by the processes of erosion, from an original mass of folded or uplifted rocks into a complex of mountain summits, intervening valleys, and surrounding plains.

Page 24 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Sub-aerial Processes Sub- aerial Processes Source: Use clothing to show status and position 2: Photo courtesy of Robert S. Wave refraction around headlands Waves reach shallow water sooner in front of headlands. In this case, the Portland limestone has been breached at several points.

Beach Profiles & Features

A change in prevailing wind direction often causes the end of spits to become hooked also known as a recurved lateral. Engineers plan and design these cut slopes, or man-made slopes, to make them as safe as possible by using techniques such as: This process creates a very steep cutting a cut slopewhich changes the geometry of the original slope, affects the groundwater regime, and may expose unfavourably oriented joint planes or other lines of weakness within the rock Figure This method is referred to as lidar, or airborne laser swath mapping ALSM in the case of aerial surveys.

The extent of the tidal range will also influence the rates of erosion found at cliffs.

Weathering & Erosion - Introduction to Geomorphological Processes

The clothes a person wears tells us many things: their status in life, for example, or their cultural affiliation or identity. They can tell us what era they live in, and even a person’s current state of mind or intent. The types of waves that break on a beach and their seasonal variance are known as the wave climate.

Deep water waves are long, low, and sinusoidal in form. As the waves enter shallow water, the propagation speed and wavelength decrease, the wave steepens, and the wave height increases until the wave train consists of peaked crests separated by.

Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments who needed a word to describe the writings and maps that were helping them make sense of the world in which they lived.

It means documenting and trying to explain the variations that exist across the surface of Earth. The characteristics of waves are determined by the strength of the wind, its duration and fetch (distance a wave travels). The strong backwash results in narrow beach profiles. Destructive wave.

A diagram to illustrate the influence of the sun and moon on tides.

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Describe and Explain How Waves Influence Beach Profiles Essay Sample

Weathering is the alteration and breakdown of rock minerals and rock masses when they are exposed to the atmosphere. Weathering processes occur in situ, that is, in the same place, with no major movement of rock materials involved. Weathering is a fundamental Earth process.

Describe and explain how waves influence beach profiles essay
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