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The minority is denied equal access to power, wealth and prestige. As per these treaties, it was decided that the newly formed minority communities should be loyal to their new states and their Governments; and these Governments in turn, would consider these peoples as their new national citizens and not as enemies, and would give them all the needed protection.

Vanzara, a senior official arrested along with 31 others from the Gujarat police for their alleged role in extrajudicial killings, wrote a letter claiming the killings took place while they were implementing Gujarat government policy.

Minority in india 2014 essay Articles 29 and 30 of the Indian Constitution protect the religious, educational, linguistic, literary and other interests of the minorities, ii In Britain, the Race Relations Act of makes it illegal to discriminate against any person on racial grounds in employment or housing, iii In America also, the constitution underwent the 13th, 14th and the 15th Amendments in order to empower it to protect the rights of the minorities.

Untouchability, the main feature of caste system, has been prohibited by the Constitution of India. If anything, the situation has only worsened. They face human rights abuses during siege and search operations carried out under the pretext of anti-terrorism operations, both within and outside the confines of the law.

Such a division is not just without any scholarly basis, it is also troubling as it drastically reduces the myriad political and religious views prevalent among Muslims living in different parts of India.

Conversion to Islam and Christianity has been a much controversial issue over the last couple of decades. In all of these cases above, accountability has proved elusive. According to the Census, they comprise In order to underscore his argument, he implies that there are two categories dividing the Muslim population of India: The white minority proposed to keep its power over the Black majority for ever and openly declared this goal.

The Development of Minorities in India.

Ministry of Minority Affairs

While the state machinery can be used to oppose separatism, what happens when the state itself becomes fascist. Indian military personal are effectively shielded from prosecution for incidents in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which provides military personnel immunity from prosecution when deployed in areas under emergency rule.

The Development of Minorities in India

India has suffered three major spates of communal violence in recent history: A draft Prevention of Communal Violence Bill is floundering because some political parties want to dilute its provisions.

In Septemberafter growing concerns were raised in parliament, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde called on all state governments to ensure that Muslims are not subjected to arbitrary arrests on suspicions of terrorism.

What particular characteristic is used to make this differentiation matters very little, but it is believed to be of great social importance. By providing detailed studies of such diverse geographical sites, Muslims in Indian Cities draws attention to the vast diversity of experiences that exists among Indian Muslims.

Second, it is necessary to see that communalism does not benefit the members of the religious community whose interest it claims to defend and promote.

Untouchability, the main feature of caste system, has been prohibited by the Constitution of India.

3 Main Problems faced by Minorities In India

There is also a gaping hole in academic literature when it comes to studies of Muslims living in the southern and eastern parts of India — particularly in Assam — which houses the highest percentage of Muslims in the population of any state in India. Here, we will deal especially the third category which is specific to Muslims only.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different city and includes portraits of major cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Lucknow.

These intellectuals would have been rightly horrified if similar demands had been made regarding Hindu or Hindu community in India. The Serbs and Croats in Yugoslavia have fought each other in order to go apart. Subjugation usually takes the form of racism as we witnessed it in an extreme form in the policy of apartheid.

The government has also failed to ensure the safe return of Hindus from Jammu and Kashmir state displaced in the s after being targeted by militant groups. Discipline or prosecute as appropriate members of the security forces, regardless of rank, who unjustifiably fail to stop violence or do not act impartially during events of communal violence.

For example, racial conflicts and riots are still taking place in England and America. INDIA Religious minority communities frequently accuse the RSS, report an increase of harassment and violence in the last year, including physical violence, arson, desecration tians in November and December alone.

Catholic communities in India also have documented a number of incidents, including at least six attacks on churches. “The Plight of Religious Minorities in India” and critical issues relating to the protection of minority rights will confront the government coming into office in May Essay on Minorities – A Problem in India – “Minorities” or “Minority Groups” – as such have started emerging as a social as well as a national problem especially after the First World War.

Due to the historico – political changes that took place in the beginning of the 20th century, many nations started taking [ ].

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/11/ Essay on Linguistic Diversity in India At present there are a number of scripts in India. forms and expression of English along with other regional languages are to be retained in the process of development of official language. It suggested that the styles. 3. 3. Related Articles: 1.

The Development of Minorities in India! The United Nations, declaration on the rights of persons belonging to national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities lays down that the promotion and protection of the people of such minorities is the responsibility of the state in which they live.


Essay on Minorities – A Problem in India

Here is your essay on Indian General Election ! India gained its independence and a democratic status in and the general elections coming ahead in will mark 67 years of its status.

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